Sponsored by:
Mike & Christina Raymond
Percheron/Quarter Cross
Year Born:
Therapeutic Riding, Physical Therapy, Horses 4 Heroes

Hi, my name is Max. (a.k.a. Maxwell or Maximus)

I am the newest member to the Victory Therapy team! The people here have fallen in love with me… and what can I say, the feelings are mutual!! I am always ready to greet people at the gate and I love to come up and get groomed. (I’m kind of pampered here!) I like to take care of the people who ride me. When I have a rider on my back, I take the easiest steps and even position my body to carry my rider…. I was trained so well with seat aids that when I feel that my rider is unbalanced, I will stop all four feet until he/she is adjusted. My main goal is to take care of the person on my back. I was made for this job!