Our Services

We welcome individuals, families, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and schools to come and see our facility. Our services include equine-assisted physical therapy and therapeutic riding. Through our Horses for Heroes program, we offer services to military veterans and their families. We not only seek to treat the client, we seek to heal and strengthen the whole family.

Therapeutic Riding

Taught by PATH certified instructors, therapeutic riding is a developmental riding therapy program. This program utilizes horseback riding for clients with physical, mental, cognitive, social or behavioral problems. Learn more about our Therapeutic Riding »

Physical Therapy

Victory Therapy Center is staffed with licensed physical therapists. A physical therapist uses the movement of the horse as a medical tool. The horse’s gait provides sensory input through movement which results in a simulation of human movement patterns of the pelvis while walking. Learn more about our Physical Therapy »

Horses for Heroes – Serving those that served

Horses for Heroes provides equine facilitated psychotherapy and therapeutic riding to meet the needs and improve the lives of military veterans and their families. Horses for Heroes utilizes the relationship clients form with horses to address many of the challenges that arise for veterans who have suffered trauma in the line of duty. Learn more about our Horses for Heroes »
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